Assertive communication

Assertive communication is a communication style that is direct and honest, while remaining open and friendly. In the long run, mastering assertive communication boosts confidence and contributes to a satisfying everyday life, both in the private and professional sphere. 

This 2-day course will give you the tools you need to be more assertive in your communication, so that you can get your message across in an effective and friendly way. 

Who is this course for? 

If your answer is “yes” to some of these statements, then this course in assertive communication is for you… 

  • You find it difficult to make yourself understood – either by a specific person, or by people in general. 
  • You hide your frustrations, hoping they will go away (but they don’t). 
  • You sometimes blurt out things in an aggressive way. 
  • You do not feel certain of how others perceive you. 
  • You do not really know how to express your needs or desires. 
  • You experience that your boundaries are not respected. 
  • You feel pressured or stressed by specific situations at work or in your personal life. 
  • You find it difficult to put your foot down / draw the line in some situations at work or with specific people in your personal life.  
  • You worry so much about other people’s reactions, that you’re not able to freely express yourself.  
  • You often think “why didn’t I just say this…?” in hindsight and get frustrated over it.  
  • You put restraints on yourself, because you worry that you will react with tears or in an abrupt way.  
  • You have had an experience in the past where communication failed, and it still haunts you.  
  • You wish to prepare for a difficult conversation you will be having in the future.

What you can gain from this course: 

  • Understanding different types of behavior and why they arise, including your own 
  • Understanding how stress affects our behavior. 
  • Practice in effective communication. 
  • Practice assertive body language and knowledge of how your body can help you. 
  • Techniques to regulate emotional outbursts (or the lack thereof). 
  • Become aware of your unconscious signaling. 
  • Expanding your self-awareness. 
  • Becoming aware of your needs and how you can express them. 
  • Gain focus on bringing forth your resources and qualities, so they are visible to the world.

The contents of the course will be adjusted to the needs and wishes of the group, which will on responses to a questionnaire that is sent out a few days in advance. 


We will work with a mix of different methods: individually written exercises, dialog, roleplay, feedback, and coaching, to mention some.  

The structure relies on voluntary participation, which means that you will be asked to actively participate – but it is up to you how and to which extent you wish to contribute with your personal experiences and dilemmas.  

Together we create a safe space for you to work on your challenges. 

 About the facilitator 

The facilitator is psychologist Mette Bram, who has been teaching assertion training for more than 20 years, primarily outside Denmark, since 1993.  

Throughout the years, she has developed her very own method, which has received praise from The Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, amongst others.   

Thousands of people have been supported by Mette on their journey to personal development, through courses, coaching, consultations, mentoring, therapy, conflict mediation and supervision.  

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