Coaching for managers

In our one-to-one coaching sessions for managers, you receive guidance to help solve work-related challenges. Maybe you struggle with improving team performance, have a hard time initiating difficult conversations, or have other concerns that are limiting you in your position. Facilitated by a warm and supportive coach, you can pinpoint the challenge and work on it, with the goal of increasing self-efficacy to make you feel more confident in your day-to-day tasks.  

Our coaching philosophye

It is our belief that because each individual is unique, there is also no one best way to facilitate growth. Our overall coaching philosophy is that the coach can and should assist the executive in identifying options but allow him or her freedom of choice in making decisions about where to proceed. 

What can we help with?

Executives and management normally seek coaching for a variety of reasons, but we often help reach general goals like reducing absenteeism, managing stress, preparing for difficult conversations or negations, and improving team management.  

In addition, we specialize in return-to-work processes following sick leaves and longer leaves of absence. 


The coaching methods we use are funded on theories of cognitive-behavioral psychology. The methods consist of evidence-based techniques as well as tools that provide behavioral feedback and action plans. We sometimes work with accessing and reorganizing established thought and behavior patterns that may be closing off possibilities and limiting potential, when applicable. 

The facilitator

Work- and organizational psychologist Mette Bram holds executive coaching sessions in Training Consult. She has vast experience in the field and has supported hundreds of managers on their journey to improved self-efficacy and leadership. 

Write to us at to book your coaching session (expect a waiting time of approximately 4-5 weeks for new clients).