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Whether you seek organizational or personal development Training Consult has the expertise to move you forward. 

Training Consult provides you with tools that can help you change counterproductive patterns and find solutions to your challenges.

We believe that by better understanding underlying patterns, systems (organizations as well as persons) can develop and function in a more optimal and balanced way. 

We have many tools at hand for changing counterproductive patterns, build teams and manage conflict. Multicultural contexts are amongst our specialities as they contain particular challenges.

We always tailor our solutions to your specific situation based on a thorough and confidential interview free of charge.

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  • Coaching for managers: We offer individual consultations and coaching sessions for managers, where we support you in solving the challenges you face as a leader and authority professionally. 
  • Assertive communication for organizational development: Mastering assertive communication brings tremendous benefit to the individual, who learns how to express their needs, wants and opinions more effectively. When applied in the workplace, strategies of assertive communication can improve employee well-being and team effectiveness. For more information click here.
  • Mindfulness at work: In this 90-minute interactive presentation, you will learn the foundations of mindfulness – and how your team or workplace can apply them to increase performance and reduce stress.


  • Mind games: Learn and experience how mental training techniques from the sports world can improve your workplace’s performance, in this 90-minute interactive presentation.