Mindfulness at work

In this 90-minute interactive presentation, you will learn the foundations of mindfulness – and how your team or workplace can apply them to increase performance and well-being.  

Why should the workplace know about mindfulness?

To be mindful means to be fully present and attentive to the moment, with acceptance and without judgment. In more concrete terms, mindfulness techniques rely on conscious use of our attention. They have shown to be effective in the prevention and combat of stress.  

With practice, the same techniques can serve to enhance concentration and psychological flexibility, which improves performance and overall well-being at work. Have a look at the learning objectives below to better understand how knowledge about mindfulness can help your workplace thrive.  


In this short, 90-minute interactive presentation, you and your team will learn fundamental mindfulness techniques and be shown how these can be implemented at work.  

You can expect… 

  • … to get introduced to the basics of mindfulness, its’ history and practice. 
  • … to experience mindfulness training methods firsthand. 
  • … to discover ways of obtaining greater psychological flexibility through mindfulness training. 
  • … to get tips, tricks, and gadget recommendations to help you apply mindful attention at work.  

Learning objectives 

Competencies to be acquired 

(to know how to…..)

Key Learning Outcomes 

(to be able to do….)

Concepts, work methods & tools 

  • Support good decision making and co-operation from mustering focus, clarity and calm. 
  • Obtain a better balance between neuro-physiological activation and deactivation for improved well-being. 
  • To transform stress reactions into more constructive responses.  
  • Obtain better focus and attention at work. 
  • Increase the ability to see things anew. 
  • Know how you can easily integrate mindfulness at work. 


  • Cognitive and positive psychology. 
  • Mindfulness training exercises. 
  • Internet self-help resources and IT-gadgets.  



Learning works best when it is immersive. Therefore, the presentation also has room for plenary reflection, individual mindfulness exercises as well as hand-outs for you to take home. Experiential learning is prioritized, so you can expect to test different mindfulness techniques for yourself during this presentation.  

The facilitator

The presentation is held by Training Consult director Mette Bram, who has been a practicing Work- and Organizational Psychologist  (M.Sc. Psych.) and international consultant since 1992.  

Mette trained with world renowned buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hhan to obtain the “Five Mindfulness Training Certificate” as well as having completed MBSR 8 Week Course (Mindfulnessbased Stress Reduction Training). She also co-produced the first CD for mindfulness training for workplaces in Denmark in 2008,  and was introducing mindfulness to the Council of Europe from 2010. 

Contact Mette to book the interactive presentation for your team or workplace.