Bundle: Consultation with a psychologist trainee (ENG)

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Training Consult offers mental health support by a psychology intern through consultations and coaching.

Our intern can help with awareness of your patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Together you can work to modify those patterns that may be creating challenges in your life. For instance, if you experience stress in your everyday life without any clear reason, you and our intern can find out where this experience comes from. Following, you can begin the process of solving challenges and letting go, all while receiving help and support from us.

Coaching can contribute to your health and well-being, if you are going through a rough patch in life or have a more concrete problem you struggle with.

Through consultations with the psychology intern, you can receive help and support with amongst other things:

  • Handling stress
  • How to deal with anxiety and worries
  • Work related struggles
  • Overcoming sleep difficulties
  • Improving low self-worth and/or self-esteem

At Training Consult, we offer consultations with our psychology intern Elisabeth, who has knowledge about the connections between behavior, thoughts and feelings – and how our patterns of behavior and reaction affect others, and how we are affected by them.

Elisabeth is studying her last semester of the Master program in Psychology at Copenhagen University and will be an official psychologist after the semester is over. She has varied experience from different types of relational work and can therefore quickly relate to and understand the challenges we all face in our work- and everyday life.

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This bundle of 4 consultations can be purchased after the first consultation for 1.275 kr.

Upon completing the purchase, you will make further appointments with our trainee Elisabeth.

By completing the purchase, you accept that we will contact you for the purpose of scheduling your consultation.